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  • Each number to 20 is shown on two separate cards – one as a ‘ten-wise’ arrangement (green/black spots) and one as a ‘pairs-wise’ arrangement (blue/black spots) Includes 10 blank cards for use with counters or other manipulatives, and also features a dry-wipe surface for use with whiteboard pens. Ideal to be used for quantity recognition in maths recovery...

    £ 14.80
  • Brightly coloured tiles arranged in colour groups of five to encourage subitising. Printed with 1-20 on one side, blank on reverse, making them great for flipping over to hide and reveal numbers Supplied with a high quality threading cord for ordering numbers and for pattern making. Lace 52cm, beads 2.2 x 2.2cm

    £ 4.75
  • These kits have been created with the guidance and approval of the Maths Recovery Council UK, and provide the essential resources needed to run maths intervention programmes.This kit targets more advanced numerical concepts, such as multiplication and fractions.  This kit is supplied with the book “Developing Number Knowledge” (see BK04 below). A...

    £ 213.00
  • Use with manipulatives, images and abstract notation, to create stories and explore problems involving addition and subtraction.  As used by NCETM in their Mastery Professional Development materials on additive reasoning  Also very useful for exploring the inverse nature of addition and subtraction, and for introducing ‘empty box’ problems. Dry-wipe...

    £ 0.75
  • Laminated for durability with a write-on, wipe-off surface. 3-part version also available (NB03). Counters & pen not included. Size: 21 x 21cm.

    £ 0.75
  • One in a series of six books written by internationally recognised experts and practitioners in numeracy intervention. Teaching Number: Advancing Children’s Skills and Strategies. This fully revised edition provides a structured approach to the teaching of early numeracy, which has been extensively developed through the Mathematics Recovery Programme and...

    £ 27.99
  • One in a series of five books written by internationally recognised experts and practitioners in numeracy intervention. The Learning Framework in Number This latest book gives a complete research-based framework for assessment, instruction and intervention in whole number arithmetic across the primary phase. The integrated set of classroom tools...

    £ 27.99
  • A useful reference showing each number to 10 in two different ways  – one as a ‘five-wise’ arrangement (red spots) and one as a ‘pairs-wise’ arrangement (black spots). Ideal to be used for quantity recognition in maths recovery and mastery programmes and for use alongside the counting frame.  size: 14.5 x 39.5cm.

    £ 2.25
  • A clear and simple number track displaying each number to 10 as a digit, a word and a number frame Emphasises how one number relates to others (5 is one more that 4, 7 is two less than 9, 8 is double 4 etc), and gives a clear image of odd and even numbers, which is further emphasised by the colour scheme size; 12 x 70cm

    £ 3.40

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Autopress Education Ltd

We specialise in the design, manufacture and sourcing of excellent numeracy and literacy resources for primary schools. We are celebrating our 16th anniversary this year and are pleased to be bringing you the widest range of products that we have ever had.

Reasons to choose us:

  • Resources designed and recommended by primary teachers and maths consultants
  • Pedagogically sound and relevant to the current curriculum
  • Bright, clear designs with attention to detail at a great value price
  • Buy products in any quantity - no need to order class sets
  • All printed resources manufactured by ourselves in the UK