£1.65 (+VAT)

  • A fun way to explore the relationships between numbers and to reinforce ‘families’ of facts.
  • Three ‘related’ numbers are written in the spaces on the roof and children use these to complete the four number sentences to show how the numbers can used to make a set of four correct +/- statements.
  • This reinforces the idea that if you know one number fact, you can use it to make at least three related statements – ‘Know one, get three free’
  • Additional houses can be placed either side to show ‘neighbouring facts’ and the three sizes can be used alongside each other to show how facts can be applied to larger and smaller numbers.
  • Laminated for durability and dry-wipe, for use with whiteboard pens
  • Size: 24 x 19cm
  • Also available in child’s small size NB04 (14 x 9cm), and teacher’s poster NB08 (35 x 25cm)