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These carefully designed books are used in a similar way to reading diaries and have one aim, to get children thinking mathematically at home, and enjoying doing maths.

Each booklet contains a number of age-appropriate maths games and activities which need no special equipment or particular calculation methodology.

The activities are carefully chosen to build year on year in line with the aims of the 2014 National Curriculum

Children choose which game to play, then they and their parents sign the book to say that they have played. In this way the teacher can see who is playing which games and how often.


RECEPTION – Pack of 6 (HDYR/06)

YEAR 1 – Pack of 6 (HDY1/06)

YEAR 2 – Pack of 6 (HDY2/06)

YEAR 4 – Pack of 6 (HDY4/06)

YEAR 5 – Pack of 6 (HDY5/06)

YEAR 6 – Pack of 6 (HDY6/06)

Out of stock