£3.55 (+VAT)

  • Fantastic new resource, available either as a fully assembled fan, or as a set of bookmarks that children can collect as they learn.
  • The tables are colour-coded to emphasise related facts and encourage children to make connections.
  • Our bookmarks and fan support whichever representation of multiplication is used by showing one version on one side and the other on the reverse. In order that children do not confuse the two different interpretations, one is printed with x1 x 2 x3 (in black font), at the top of each card, the other is printed with 1x 2x 3x (in white font)
  • The fan has a removable rivet should you wish to disassemble it and re-order the petals. The bookmarks are hole-punched for use with a treasury tag so that children can easily add to their collection as their knowledge develops.