Rekenreks have become really popular recently because of the DfE funded NCETM Mastering Number programme which many schools have been taking part in.

We have actually been selling them since 2005 and believe they are a great tool for moving children on from counting in ones, to subitising and calculating. It is lovely to see their value being recognised and so many teachers and children seeing what a huge difference they can make to a child’s early mathematical experience.

Our Rekenreks have been priced at £3.95 since 2005! but the manufacturing and shipping costs have skyrocketed recently. Unfortunately, this means that the next shipment that we are expecting in 2-3 weeks time, will see a price increase for the first time in 16 years of approx 50p per unit.

We still have about 500 Rekenreks left in stock and available at the current price, so if you are thinking of ordering some for your school, try and place your order as soon as possible to get them at the best price.

We are pretty confident that even at £4.45, they are almost certainly the best value, for the quality, in the UK.

Incidentally, sometimes people ask why our Rekenreks have a smiley face on them. We included this as part of our design specification to help young children quickly know whether they had the Rekenrek up the right way (i.e. whites on the right).  We hope you find it useful. 😀