Let’s start with the bad news and get that out of the way!

If you follow us on Twitter, or if you read the previous news update, you will know that the manufacture and shipping costs associated with the supply of Rekenreks has sky rocketed this year. Our price has been £3.95 exc VAT since 2005, and although there have been several small price increases for us over the years, we have absorbed these because we do not like to raise our prices if we can possibly help it. However, very reluctantly, this week we have had to raise the price to £4.65 exc VAT  to cover some of the increased costs. We are glad that even at the increased price, we believe, for the quality, we still can’t be beaten on price. That’s the bad news over with!


Now for the good news!

We still have plenty of Rekenreks in stock.

You will probably know that Rekenreks really have become ‘flavour of the month’ as a result of the NCETM Mastering Number training, particularly since colleagues who have taken part in the free training have started to receive their free supply of Rekenreks.  At the same time many companies are having huge supply issues and for many their websites show the product is out of stock and not expected to be in stock for many weeks or months.

Fortunately, we have a very long standing relationship with our supplier because we have been selling Rekenreks into UK schools for the sixteen years.

Unlike other suppliers,  we not only sell the Teacher’s Demonstration Rekenrek, but we have two designs for you to choose from. One has a dry-wipe removeable screen, and one has a sliding screen. Both are fantastic for ‘hide and reveal’ activities. The advantage of the one with the removeable screen is that it has a dry-wipe surface which is ideal for demonstrating how to write the associated number sentence, whereas the advantage of the sliding screen is that you can reveal a bit of information at a time. The choice is yours!

We also have a huge number of printed resources that work perfectly alongside the Rekenrek and the Mastering Number programme. Tens frames, subitising cards, and part-whole cards are just a few examples.